Friday, June 21, 2013

Black Art Prints

At Affordable And Historical Art we showcase among the biggest catalogues of Afro-American Historical Art prints. We have over 400 prints displaying Black Historical Images, Icons, Moments, Personalities and Themes.

I am really continually affected by the reaction all of these prints raise whenever our team expose these during functions all over the USA. Little ones along with experienced are generally astounded, not necessarily just from photos but additionally by the descriptions, aphorisms and inscriptions which are present within every single picture.

Our Black Art Print library consists of well-known images of Civil Rights Leaders, Black Entertainers, Afro-American Scientists, Afro-American Inventors, Afro-American Politicians and African American Historical Events recorded and also protected over time.

Afro-American history art prints are really fantastic with respect to continuing to keep the tradition of African American history at home, workplace or even academic institution.

A lot of our full African American history has indeed been x-outed, concealed, and blotted out right from the history books. Besides the few weeks of February, truth be told there is hardly any reference of Afro-Americans or even our victories in the United States in the educational setting. So, the attention is simply primarily upon just a few very well popular black notables.

This besets all of us in the character of a men and women in order to continue our birthright dynamic and to discuss it together with the future generation.

The prints (11"x17" common measurement) are undoubtedly an economical means to excite, galvanize and develop our spouses and children all about the full record of Black Americans and also our success during the course of 400+ yrs in United states. 

Click the link here to see our complete collection of Black Art Prints.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Emancipate Your Mind From Mental Slavery

Are You Mentally Enslaved?

African Americans (blacks) still struggle from the chains of 400 years of chattel slavery & Jim Crow. Even today the chains of mental slavery hold countless millions in perpetual bondage. Unchain your mind and free yourself...

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